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Nike's New Kaepernick Jersey Sells Out in Hours
                                           by Newsmax

A new jersey celebrating NFL quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick sold out hours after it was put on sale, Nike confirmed.

Kaepernick himself posted an image on Instagram late Wednesday, the same day the black jersey with his old number 7 went on sale.

"The Nike Kaepernick Icon Jersey is out of stock! Thank you to everyone that took the time out of their day to pick one up. I am humbled and appreciate all your continued support. Check the link in the bio to be notified for the next drop!" Kaepernick wrote.

Nike said "the Kaepernick Icon Jersey is a celebration of those who seek truth in their communities, and those who remain true to themselves."

A link to the product page redirects to the url Visitors are asked to provide their mobile phone number in order to receive text messages when Kaepernick products, presumably made by Nike, are available.


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